The vehicle can be stored in an inflatable garage.

Atelier Cargraphic is known by tact that all vehicles passing through the hands of the masters who work there, are becoming more beautiful and fast.

inflatable garage

The latest development of the company – a special cape called CARCOVER. The peculiarity of it is not only in the fact that it is ideal for any type of vehicle, whether it’s a sports car, old timer or any trading model. In addition to all sorts of protection of the machine, this case gives it also a unique look.
But the most interesting is the latest invention of the company. It is designed for those who want his car to be even better protected than 100%. And thus, it is possible to enjoy it. It is kind of aquarium or greenhouse for cars. Simply speaking, it is an inflatable garage.

The car stays dry in it, avoiding the effects of weather, also this garage is made of special material that protects the paintwork from scratches.
Especially for fans of two-wheeled vehicles in the sale there is a mini version of such shelter for cars.