Ford Ranger T6.

Ford Ranger T6.Drivetrain of Ford Ranger T6 is rear or all wheel. Vehicles with four-wheel drive are capable of overcoming water obstacles to a depth of 800 mm (rear-wheel drive – up to 600 mm).

The car is equipped with a richly. It contains the system of increasing ESP stabilization, ABS, Adaptive traction control system of the trailer, stabilization system of care during the descent from the hill Hill Descent Control, a system to prevent tipping, the possibility of locking rear transverse differential as well as 2011 Ford Explorer headlights. Front disc brakes, rear drum (in four-wheel drive versions brake drums have a larger diameter than a rear-wheel drive). Pick-up is able to tow a trailer weighing up to 3,500 kg.

In the interior there are dual-zone climate control, mini fridge, and twenty compartments for storage travel goods. The front seats have electric adjustment. Media system includes navigation system and audio system with control buttons, handed down on the steering wheel. There are on-board computer, cruise control, rear parking sensors and a rearview camera. The kit of airbag includes the side and knee ones (for the driver).