Generator to Alternator Coversion

Hi guess making a articles here to start out on which you need to do. To remove this generator foreseen rivers bolt holds top or generator on. Slide it in. Slightly built off. Connect the studs appear to take the cables off. For a jolt generator back. Remove this bracket your personal goes to your water pump. 3 around the new one. And then there’s both on that side on the underside. The bolt on this site on the underside you’ll take them both out. Ned generator will slide right now. Then you be in business. Pretty nasty. Wherever it’s been in there for 50 some odd years so. Got most of the last century thing out of there. Alright. There is. Prove this break in here. Good to go. Okay we remove them all now. We really clean it up too much but it’s kind of clean and here’s the new mount. And it would just slide right down in there. He bolted up the supplied hardware they soon with you. I guess we got it installed with the bolts that were supplied with the teen still.

Generator to Alternator CoversionThe only thing I added. Was this ground water here. If you make it yourself. So your Jewish person on there not disabled ground out on this here. I don’t think it will personally so I added this on there so. Not. If you’re gonna paint you might want to add that war. All right now we’re doing the electric boat rentals for here we have a tape that middle of pretty yet we’re still working on it. But this war here this where you’re used to run your generator this is your old external regulator. So what you’re gonna do is disconnect those table off but I’m in this line here. This is your old power line wanna go ahead disconnected. I take that off as well. And what you’re gonna do is run a new 12 whole red wire.

For your bad return all of the your line here around into your battery this yellow wire. Is what turns on and off your regulator in your new alternator got a diode in allowing for electricity only go one way now your battery doesn’t die. So we’re gonna go into this of the ignition or run new power wire. And we’re going to leave this on there just case where side of the generator again. Why does that in the morning and replace this cable here the old ground cable.

With the newer cable. It doesn’t look as cool as all vintage ones but I Better that I give you a lot better ground connection than anything else help brighten up your headlights increase your alternator and everything. They also want to in the engine. And the cat would need to be replaced on the bottom there. Yeah you know one of the moon and we take the dog with the premier on. And. Run 14.7 third world debt really good you know come in real handy. And. For. Upon done. It could be something.